Beer stories

I can’t say we crashed this party because the surprise was only on my side. What should have ended quickly with dropping the kid for a slumber party turned into a small garden grill get-together with other parents. I helped a bit with the grill to ease some of the guilt and look, I got rewarded promptly with this pilsner called Bölkstoff. My expectations were quite low, after all what would you think of a beer made after a cartoon figure? Werner is just a working class guy trying to get his life together, earning small money in northern Germany, saving for his motorcycle and having from time to time some drunk fun at the costs of the local policemen. And what does Werner drink? Bölkstoff of course - which translates directly to Burp Stuff. My surprise was that this burp stuff was actually good! A quite bitter pils, a stronger taste than I expected, which worked perfectly together with the sausages we got here. Yummy combination, I have to try it again some time.

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